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13th Birthday | Thirteen Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas
13 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

13 year old gift ideas
Cash or gift cards are perfect gifts for a thirteen year old
- given wrapped up in a box
for a real surprise!

TOP 10 13th Birthday Gift Ideas | Gift Ideas for a Teenager

Gift Certificates
If you don't like the idea of giving cash then a gift certificate that matches their interests is a great last resort.

Pin Board
A pin board for their bedroom that can have all their favorite photos of themselves and friends displayed.

ipod | MP3 Player | itunes gift card
music that they can listen to.

Harry Potter Box Set | Books
A great gift for a teenager. If you dont know what they like a gift certificate so they can pick.

Digital Camera
Web camera, Underwater camera, or a digital camera are great gifts for a 13 year old.

Movie Tickets
Buy a couple of tickets - they can go and watch the latest movie with a friend or parent.

Card and Cash
A gift card with money - they can buy what they want.

Go with a popular movie, or a music dvd.

Buy a game for them - check with their parent to find out what they have already got.

Photo Frame
A photo frame for themselves and friends photos. Digital photo frames are another idea.

When buying a gift for a thirteen year old you don't know, it is a good idea to check with parent to find out their interests.

If you are really struggling for ideas cash or gift cards are perfect for a thirteen year old.

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