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Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

Babies are just so cute! Everything a baby does is adorable. Here are some gift ideas for babies that you can use during this upcoming Christmas holiday season.

Christmas Gift Ideas:


Toys are popular Christmas gift for babies. Choose a gift that suits your baby's age. Look closely at the packaging to find where it tells you what age the toy is suitable for.

Baby Diaper Cakes

Baby diaper cakes make great gifts for babies. They are not real cakes but diapers made up in the shape of a cake. These cakes are not only useful but they look attractive which makes them an ideal Christmas gift idea for babies.

Silver Ornaments

Baby bracelets, small pendants or baby necklaces with or without engraving make great Christmas gift ideas for a babies. Silver photo frames and trinket boxes are also great gifts ideas.

Baby Furniture

High chairs, small chest of drawers or a changing table can be a great useful gift . You can also go for soft baby blankets, sheets or pillows.

Scrapbooks and Photo frames

Scrapbooks are also a great Christmas gift idea option for babies. The cover of the book can be personalized to contain the name or photos of the child. There are a lot of places online now that you can easily submit photos and have them made into a beautiful hard copy book.

A photo frame containing small poems about milestones in the baby's life can be an alternative to the scrapbook.


Small clothes, baby socks and shoes for the baby also are also good Christmas ideas. A shawl, mittens , a sweater, baby blankets, baby cushions etc make great baby Christmas gifts.

Baby Cosmetics

Baby soaps, baby scrubs, baby powder, and other types of baby cosmetics are very useful Christmas gifts. Go for natural products made especially for babies that are kind on sensitive skin.

Small Piggy Banks

A piggy bank. A great decorative item for their bedroom that can become a place to put loose change as they get older.

Alphabet Building Blocks

These are a great way of learning the alphabet, or for building and stacking to make shapes.

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