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Christmas Gift Ideas for 2-5 Year Olds

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts for Children 2 - 5 years

For children, Christmas is one of the most anticipated days in the year.  They love the celebration as well as many things that come along with it such as holidays, snowman, and of course, GIFTS!.

During preschool age (2 - 5 years old), children learn and explore many things; they develop creativity or motor skills and learn to socialize. Accordingly, they need the best tools and equipment to support the growth of those important aspects. And in most cases, Christmas is always a great day to give those tools for them.

The following ideas will help you to decide the best Christmas gifts for children 2- 5 years old.

1. Balance Bike: A balance bike is basically a push bike that is moved by foot power. There is no pedal, chain, and training wheels attached to it. This can be such great equipment for children to master everything about balance. Most parts are made of wood, so the bike is lightweight yet strong.

2. Tomy Gearation: A Tomy Gearation contains of 11 rotating and colorful gears. The middle gear powers up the entire movements, so children will only have to attach another gear to make an interesting combination. Add more gears for more complex rotation. All parts are connected by magnets.

3. Do-A-Dot Markers: There are 6 different color markers in one set (red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and green). An art idea sheet is even included in the set.

4. Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set: As the name suggests, the set has 100 wood blocks; they are in different shapes and colors. Parents will love the durability and children like to build and destroy.

5. Blue Number Counting Book: This book has images and numbers; it helps children to learn the very basic concept of mathematics through the easiest visual approach.

6. LeapFrog Scrabble and Write: This is a very nice tool to help children to develop early writing and drawing skills. The surface is retractable, so it can be a good companion for hours. The package also includes four learning modes and a comprehensive guidance.

7. Melissa & Doug Butterfly Wooden Bead Set: Pre-schoolers can greatly explore their creative skills by making simple jewelries from the combination of beads and butterflies. The set contains 150 beads and 5 laces.

8. Grimm's Extra Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker: Nesting and stacking toys seem to be very simple, but they can actually help to develop motor skills. This rainbow stacker is made of quality hardwoods and painted with non-toxic colors, so they are safe for children and very durable.

9. Magnetic MightyMind: This is an activity box that teaches children to build and solve puzzles. Magnetic MightyMind is an award winning toy; it contains many types of puzzle that are increasingly becoming more difficult. It can be such an educative yet fun companion for hours.

10. GoVinci Backpack: This backpack can also function as a drawing table. Children may draw anything onto the display frame, carry the bag, and show their works to everyone else. The backpack is hard-shelled, so it is durable as well.

11. My Work Bench by Alex Toys: This play set contains hammer, saw, screwdriver, wooden pegs, and more. Everything is built in the perfect size, so that little hands can handle anything easily. Children can hang the tools on the pegs, so this workbench is mess-free.

12. Calello Automoblox Wooden Car: This package has 3 cars; they are C9 Red, T9 Green, and S9 Blue. These cars are made of German beech wood and finished with non-toxic lacquer. Each part of the cars is connected with a patented connector system; it allows the possibilities to create limitless combinations. Children may take and use some parts from other Automoblox cars as well.

All the mentioned gift ideas above are simply toys because typically pre-schoolers love to play. However, it would be great if they could learn many things during the fun time playing. Some toys are highly educative and encourage children to develop creative abilities by providing puzzles and art-related activities. Motor skills are as well important, and those toys can drive children to implement hand-eye coordination. Moreover, they are made of safe and durable materials for pre-schoolers. Therefore, parents and kids can really take the benefits and positive values.

Parents know what kind of toys that their children want, and this Christmas gift ideas can always be put into account.

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