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Christmas Gift Ideas for 6-9 Year Olds

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Christmas Gifts

Great Christmas Gifts for Kids Between 6 and 9 years

Christmas is an occasion of fun and joy for children. You can find some of the most attractive, educational and inspirational gifts for children to put smiles on their faces.

6-9 years is a very tender age-group for children. It is also a very important period in the development of them. This is the age when they can absorb the best qualities and thoughts. This will pave the path for their successful future. Christmas provides you with a remarkable occasion to pamper your kids with smart and elegant gifts.

Cars, Bikes and Trucks

Most kids are extremely fond of cars. Get them an incredible toy car that can be easily assembled. This will not only let them enjoy but also help them learn new things. They can see the instructions and put the toy car together. 'Cars 2 Black/Whiteboard with Detachable Legs', Multi-coloured multi-piece wooden detachable car toys are a definite source of education with entertainment.

You can find some wonderful options for your kids like plasma bikes, helicopter toys and classic toy trucks. Kids are fond of trains as well. Gift them some amazing train sets with radio control from Toysrus.

If your kids are a bit older and would love to own a bike or car then you can surprise them with a fun rider bike, Mini glider bike, electric mini scooter or a razor ground force drifter. They would be undoubtedly thrilled with this gift at Christmas time.

Sports crazy kids need something different to nurture their talent. Get them a mini table football, inflatable basketball hoop or different types of sports gadgets.


If your kids love a lot of gaming then give them some Nintendogs DS games, 'World of zoo', 'I Spy castle' or even 'Cars: Mates-National'. These will provide hours of pleasure for your kids.

Musical Gifts

There are plenty of gifts for music loving kids too. You can get them a toy guitar, piano or xylophone. Music leaves a positive influence on your kids. If you think your kids can handle it then gift them an ipod nano.


Brainy kids can also receive gifts that they will love at Christmas. Give them something that interests them more. Word teaser puzzles, 'Perplexus Maze Game', puzzles to arrange the scrambled states of America and 'Dabble fast faced word games' will entice them for sure. 'Brainteaser gold edition' is also an excellent choice for your kids.


You can give your kids some great story books on cartoon characters like Scooby doo, Mr Bean, Shrek etc. You can bring joy on your little daughter's face by gifting her 'Barbie's wonderful holidays' and a lot more.

If your kids are inquisitive about the world then you can give them 'The Talking Globe'. This will help them to learn geography with audio and video clues.

If your kids are creative then you can gift them 'Little librarian kit'. This will help your kids to increase their passion for books. This is an extraordinary kit that comes with the unique concept of sharing.

Kids laptop

If your kids are techno-savvy then gift them a creatively designed plastic laptop. These laptops come up with some astonishing features like built-in wireless, exclusive screen for easy readability and very low power usage. Your kids are bound to love it.

Artist Set

If your kids are fond of painting and coloring then give them a 'Big Art Set'. This is a wonderful collection of colors and painting accessories. You could unleash the artistic talent within your kids. You can also buy them the 'da-vinci Paint fingers'. It comes with some classic brushes for juniors and is a great way to foster their skills. 'Master Kitz' is also a commendable gift for your kids.

Walkie Talkie set

You can gift your kids a Walkie Talkie set. Each set comprises of 2 devices. They can even gift one piece to their best buddies. This will let them talk with their friends anytime. Your kids would surely appreciate this.


Christmas is a wonderful occasion to give them some fashionable costumes. You can get them some Batman or Spiderman comic shirts and stylish sailor sweaters. You can bring a smile on the face of your daughter by giving her colorful smock dresses or trendy ruffle jackets.

There are a lot of things that you can do to make your kids Christmas truly memorable.

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