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Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts for Men

Buying a Christmas gift for the man in your life can be a lot of fun.  There are many different options that you can give your dad, husband, boyfriend or brother.

Here is a look at some different Christmas gift ideas for men.


Most men like any device that has buttons or can do different things and there is a range of options for you to select from. You can go in for a mobile phone, CD player, camera, laptop, storing devices or camcorders.

Video Games

Video Games are liked by males of all ages. They are not just for young kids! The type of games that men play might be a little different when compared to those meant for kids; however, their love of playing video games is an open secret. Young men prefer action packed games including shooting, racing and fighting among others. As they age, the indulgence is more towards those, which require a bit of thinking.

Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment can make great gifts. Gym equipment like dumb bells, a skipping rope, excercise bike, or a basket ball hoop are all great ideas.


For those who like clubbing, singing or going to the gym, a membership card can be the perfect Christmas gift.


It may seem a bit odd to most; however, when it comes to men, nothing can replace cash as the best Christmas gift. The same holds true for men of all ages. It provides them the freedom of buying anything they want. If you are not too comfortable giving cash as gift, you can always go in for cash or gift cards.

Personalized Gift

You can give him a personalized pen, pen stand, diary, or mug. You can organise to have his name, photo, or a message printed on a huge range of items.

Clothes and Accessories

Fashion clothes and accessories are no longer limited to women. A number of big brands offer different clothing options for men. A number of accessories such as ties, tie clips, cufflinks, specially meant for men can also make great gifts.


Men can never be tired of tools. No matter how many they have, they are always looking for new and improved versions. Ideas include a tool kit, power drills, wrenches, sockets or hammers.

Experience Gifts

Experience gifts also make great Christmas presents for men. Choose these if the person you are buying for is tough to shop for. The options include driving a fast car around a race track, a luxury travel package, cooking classes or a skydiving experience.

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