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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gift Choices for Teen Divas

It is always a tough decision when you have to find a gift for girls, and especially when they are in their teens. Buying your teen daughter, niece, special friend (wink) or sister a Christmas gift which she does not roll her eyes at can sometimes be difficult.  Luckily, we have just what you need for your dilemma with 12 best gift options for teen girls which are guaranteed to make them jump to the ceiling with excitement.


No! I am not talking about teen boys. If you are not already aware, teen girls have just as much fetish for gadgets as boys do although they might not dream of video game consoles. Gadgets such as iphones, ipads, laptops, smartphones and mp3 players are hip among teen girls and why not? It's an age of social networking and I highly doubt there is anyone else who uses smartphones, photoshop or social networking platforms to their full potential than teen girls do. Though it might burn a hole in your wallet, it would totally be worth it.


If you remember how the last book you gave her remains untouched till today then it happens you've been looking on the wrong section of the bookstore. Apart from magazines and celebrity gossips, there are plenty of books which a teen girl would love to have in her collection. Go with the popular genre of books, much like "The Hunger Games" or "Twilight Saga". Romantic nobles or murder mysteries are just as exciting.

Music Gift Card

Music has always been a teen craze, you know that since you remember how she clings to her music player all day. If you are aware of the type of music or certain artists that your teen diva listens to in particular then it's a fairly easy task for you. A gift card for iTunes makes a great gift.

Soft Toys

Girls will always be girls. No matter how grown up they might seem they never lose their girly part which loves soft toys. Bigger is better so try and look for biggest of teddy bears and puppies which they can hug tightly in their sleep.


Now here is something which never changes even if girls are well past their teens. Girls and shoes share a cosmic bond which is the strongest throughout their teenage days. Know her taste and shoe size of course, and it is very likely to make her go "wow!".


Though she might be too young for diamonds and pearls, a small more subtle touch of jewelry would seem perfect. A small pendant perhaps or a pair of earrings or a charm bracelet.

Makeup Kits/Bags

Teenage girls become extremely conscious of their looks and are ready to start experimenting with makeup. Choose some nail polish, lipstick or mascara and put in a make-up bag for a lovely gift.


If she does not already have one and loves animals, pets can make an excellent Christmas presents. It might not be a big financial decisions but is a great deal of responsibility, as a wise man once said, "with great pets comes great responsibilities".  Having a pet will make her more responsible and they can be a true delight. A puppy or hamster might be good options rather that cats which are not much dependant nor social.


Keep in mind that she is not eight anymore and not a big fan of the tooth fairy or snow white. Get an elegant dress that she would be delighted to wear for her prom or on a special occasion.

Fashion Accessories

Teen girls are into fashion.  In fact most of them worship it.  Consider getting fashion accessories such as sunglasses, handbags or belts but do keep in mind that today's teens love a hip brand-name attached with them.


Its time they start acting like a lady from their late teens and a great perfume is just the icing on the cake for this transformation. From as early as junior high school, girls take smelling good dead seriously and perfumes are a great gift to have in the Christmas cart.

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