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Father's Day 2018
Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fathers Day in the United States has grown to become a large celebration of fathers in general. Whether it is a small gift, a big hug or a family get together, it's all about giving your dad a great Father's Day.

Fathers Day in the USA

Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Gifts - coffee mugs, photo frames, t-shirts

2. Chocolates - a selection of dads favorite chocolates

3. A new neck tie

4. Digital Camera

5. Folding Chair

6. Gourmet Hamper

7. Air Hockey Table

8. Expresso Machine

9. Fragrance

10. A hand made card and gift

Top 10 Father's Day Activities

1. Breakfast - Cook some eggs and bacon - fried, poached, scrambled and serve with fresh juice and coffee.

2. A day doing whatever dad wants to do.

3. A trip to the local park.

4. Take dad to the movies to watch a film.

5. Lunch with extended family.

6. A tree - plant a tree in the back yard

7. Afternoon tea - make some scones and cream

8. Go fishing

9. Picnic

10. Dinner - cook dad a special roast dinner !

Fathers Day - Spending time with dad

Father’s Day in the United States is held on the third Sunday in June every year.

Father’s Day enjoying family togetherness...

Father’s Day can be spent with dad enjoying special dinners or at sporting events with the whole family.

A big breakfast for dad.
Bacon, eggs, hash browns, coffee, orange juice, and possibly some cereal, fruit, muffins, biscuits, or grits. Sausage may be substituted for bacon.

Because Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June, the weather will likely be favorable for some sort of outdoor activity. This could be a walk to the park, a festival,event or whatever your father enjoys doing.

For lunch - Hot dogs, barbecue, or other such fare will be good for lunch with dad.

For dinner, take dad out for a nice meal at his favorite restaurant. In the evening, watch a baseball game with dad.

More than all of the events and gifts, spend some special time with your father. He is often the one who works hard to support a better future for you.

Fathers Day dates in the years ahead...

2018 Father's Day | Sunday June 17 2018
2019 Father's Day | Sunday June 16 2019
2020 Father's Day | Sunday June 21 2020

Quality time with dad on Father's Day
Celebrate Father’s Day by spending some quality time with Dad.


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